A Bioinspired Material for Minimally Invasive Medical Procedures

Our core platform technology offers unprecedented versatility in compositional design, physicomechanical control, and rapid manufacturing. This allows us to employ a biotech model to develop a portfolio of medical products for a broad range of applications.

Our bioinspired material is composed of safe, bioactive ingredients that exert minimal toxicity and accelerate tissue integration and remodeling. Upon injection, the material forms a solid cast without relying on precipitation or polymerization.

When a force above a certain threshold is applied to inject the material, it “thins” allowing it to flow through the catheter and syringes readily. When the force is removed, the material instantly becomes a shape morphing soft solid with significant cohesive properties.

Owing to its tunable compositional and electrostatic, and degradation properties, our suit of bioinspired materials can be loaded with many biologic agent creating a local depot for prolonged release.