Riad Salem

Dr. Riad Salem is a Professor of radiology, medicine, and surgery, and chief of a division of interventional radiology. His expertise includes the use of image-guided techniques for the treatment of liver cancer, including chemoembolization, bland embolization, and radioembolization. Dr. Salem is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, and he completed his radiology residency in Washington, DC, and a fellowship in interventional radiology (University of Pennsylvania), as well as a master’s in business administration (Finance). He has delivered over 600 lectures nationally and internationally, has participated in numerous research trials, and has published extensively, with over 330 publications on interventional oncology, culminating in an h-index of 81. He has pioneered the practice of yttrium-90 radioembolization for the treatment of liver cancer, which is now a standard of care for many patients. In recognition of his work, Dr. Salem has received numerous awards, including the SIR Foundation Leaders in Innovation Award.

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